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We’re in Vogue!

Yes – it’s true. This month’s issue of Vogue has included Rock Salt Prints in its Inspiring Interiors section. We really feel like we’ve arrived.

Checking in at number 7 on their list, Vogue describes our range of wall art, chopping boards, soft furnishings and splashbacks as “bold and bright.”
This is a big step for us and we are so grateful to everyone who has been a part of our journey so far.
You can check us out in their online feature here:

You have to admit, the editorial team at Vogue have great taste. With the whole of our range to choose from, they decided to feature some of our own favourite designs.
Why not add them to your own collection – as prints, canvases, chopping boards or even kitchen splashbacks?
And don’t forget, we also have shower screens, premium prints, cushions, phone cases and so much more…
Then, when your friends admire your great new design, remember to say casually, “Oh yes. It’s been featured in Vogue…”

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Can’t see the right colour or icon? We offer personalisation and can incorporate your favourite piece directly into your current décor. Contact us to enquire about your unique, personal piece.

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