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Our bespoke chopping boards are the perfect addition to your kitchen decor

Cooking is art, so why not evoke inspiration in your kitchen with bespoke chopping boards?

Since March 2020, we have found ourselves either working from home, on Furlough, or out of work. The national shut down and restrictions of the hospitality industry, have meant that we have had more free time than ever. This has been a perfect excuse to experiment in the kitchen.

Images of sourdough and artistically crafted plates have filled our social media feeds, bringing our kitchens to the forefront of our profiles. At Rock Salt Prints we want your kitchen to stand out from the crowd. While delicate prints are likely to get damaged in your kitchen due to excessive heat or moisture; bespoke chopping boards are an innovative way to add art to your kitchen.


Capturing the perfect social media picture is super easy with one of our bespoke chopping boards.

Make a statement with bespoke chopping boards in your kitchen

Here are some ideas to inspire your next bespoke chopping board purchase:

  • Mix it up a kitchen is a place full of action. Why not include a provocative chopping board to highlight your creative flare?
  • Food inspired choose artwork inspired by food in your kitchen reflecting your favourite tastes.
  • Conversation starter have a bit of fun with one of our graffiti boards or watercolour skull chopping boards.
  • Brighten your day why not add a touch of inspiration to the kitchen with one of our animal prints or your favourite icon?
  • Relax create a zen environment while cooking with a chopping board featuring a tropical buddha or inspirational quote.

As well as revamping our homes a lot of us have discovered a culinary passion. Kitchens have evolved from segregated corners of a home to the open space where we interact and spend time together.

For some of us, it has ignited a passion for cooking, passing the time productively. Including a bespoke chopping board in your kitchen would make a great conversation starter and addition to your kitchen decor.

Check out our bespoke chopping board range today and add a little creative flair to your kitchen!

Can’t see the right colour or icon? We offer personalisation and can incorporate your favourite piece directly into your current décor. Contact us to enquire about your unique, personal piece.

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