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Make a Statement with Lip Art

Rita Hayworth, Marilyn Monroe and Madonna are just some of the iconic women who are recognised for their ruby red lips. Makeup artists are evolving the symbolism of power and strength associated with ruby red lips and pushing the boundaries with new lip trends.

Forget classic red lipstick – makeup artists have been exploring how to break the boundaries of lip fashion. Painting your pout has transitioned into an entirely new art form and the results are all kinds of amazing. Stepping away from the average lipsticks, liners and glosses, lip artists are using everything from rhinestones, glitter, sprinkles and even spikes to create the mini make-up masterpieces, bringing a new meaning to the term statement lips.

Take a look at some of the lips artwork in our own collection to see how the ideas from brilliant makeup has extended into the world of wall art. 

Did you know that every lip print is unique?

No? Well, here are some interesting facts about lips that you might not know:

  • In some cultures around the world, women have to cover their lips because they are considered to be sexual organs.
  • In Ancient Egypt, royals and nobles would crush semi-precious stones into a paste to decorate their lips.
  • Lips are one of the most sensitive organs in the human body having more than a million nerve endings.
  • Lips have a complex muscles called the orbicularis oris – actually four sets of interlacing muscles that give the impression of being a circle
  • Just one kiss delivers you close to 300 different bacteria.

Check out our selection of lips artwork to update your contemporary home.

Exploring pop culture with lips artwork can capture the glamour and seductive power that is conveyed by our lips. Lips artwork is daring, fun and wacky! Statement lips on your wall are a sure-fire way to stand out from the crowd. We have a wide selection of fashion lip designs at Rock Salt Prints, so every lip lover can find the perfect print that suits their taste.

Inject life and vibrancy into your home with a gallery selection or even to make a statement in the kitchen with a chopping board or splashback.

Want to see more? Check out our quirky and eccentric lips artwork range:

Can’t see the right colour or design? We offer personalisation and can incorporate your favourite piece directly into your current décor. Contact us to enquire about your unique, personal piece.

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